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A game that lets you, the player, create it.

The Physical interface makes it possible to create and play.

Level components Level settings Gamepad Style

Level Components

Choose components - amount and the behavior

You can choose your gaming style by selecting elements that form a level, like enemies and traps, but also collectables as lives and coins. You can even build moving platforms and trampolines, those will help you navigate in the level. The behavior of those elements can also be changed. For example the speed of the moving platforms and enemies can be choosen, as well as the boost that the trampolines gives you.


Direct control over the avatar

The game has a controllable avatar, therefore the panel has a gamepad. The gamepad has a joystick and two action buttons, one for jumping and one for shooting. You can change the behavior and shooting can be disabled. The way of jumping is also controllable, you can single jump, double jump, jump unlimited or fly with a 'jetpack' style.

Level Settings

What the title says...

This are the overall game settings, like the style of the level. You can choose a 'traditional' platformer level, like the levels from Super Mario. Or if you want something else, there is a more cave like level style. You can change the gravity of the game and the zoom, so how much you can see besides the avatar basically. Besides this you can choose a goal or no goal, for example 'killing enemies', or 'find the finish'.


Change the shape, color and sound of components

To give the game that you're building a more personal touch, you're able to change the style of the game. You can choose the visual style of the game elements, as in the shape and color. Every sound effect is also changeable, for example shooting, jumping and the sound that is being played when you collect stuff.


Cheating, Hacking, GODMODE. That's how you can call the playing style this game gives you. As a player you're able to create the game. If you want to fly, alright build the game that way. You don't like enemies or traps, because they kill you? Disable them! Or you don't like colors? Just make everything black, gray and white.

This gaming console is a prototype that I build during my graduation. It shows that games can be more than just a 'linear story' or a pre defined 'thing' build by the game designer/developer. It shows that playing and creating can be one action. The player has the freedom to create what he wants, within the genre of the game ofcourse wich is a 2D platformer.